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Tattoo Expectations and Preparedness


Whether you’re getting your first tattoo or your hundredth, we want your experience with Perfect Image to be as comfortable and as positive as possible. That’s why we’ve gathered up some important information regarding the expectations and preparations involved in getting your next piece with us. This article will cover the design process from consultation to the final product, and will outline the mental and financial preparations needed to make your tattoo the best that it can be.




So, you have a great tattoo idea in mind that you’re excited about and want to get done. What’s next? If you’re looking for something simple like a small flower or symbol you can usually get it done the day you call or walk in, assuming one of our artists has enough time. Availability really depends on the day so giving the shop a call before you drop by is always a good idea.




If you’re in the market for a larger, more complex piece or if you’d like some direction for an idea, booking a consultation is the place to start. These appointments are always free and give you the opportunity to chat with an artist about the design of your tattoo, how long it will take, how much it will cost, etc. They’ll also go over any questions or concerns you might have. Consults take roughly twenty minutes and if you’re satisfied you can book the tattoo afterwards. As always, there’s no obligation to book when you’re done.


When discussing the design with the artist there are a few things to take into consideration. If your reference is an already existing tattoo, the artist is not going to create an exact replica. This is out of respect for the initial tattooer and also because each artist has their own unique style. Think about it, you wouldn’t want someone else with the exact same tattoo as you!


Depending on the design, your tattoo might need to be resized. This is especially true for script. If done too small, the lines will blur together over the years and may make the words difficult or impossible to read. During your consult the artist will show you what size it needs to be so that blurring won’t occur. Font choice is a determining factor in the size as well; if you want elegant, flowing cursive it will need to be larger than a thin, sans-serif typeface. The amount of detail affects how large a tattoo has to be, too. A hyper-realistic lion is a great idea but we just won’t be able to fit it into a 3” x 3” space.


Another important decision to make is where the tattoo is going to go on your body. Do you want it to be clearly visible or are you going to need to cover it from time to time? Sometimes a particular design will fit better in a different spot than what you had intended - for example, getting a portrait or larger piece is going to look better on a thigh or upper arm, whereas a semicolon in the same area is going to look out of place. Script on the outside of the foot is a popular spot, but friction from wearing shoes that constantly rub against the area can cause fading and make healing difficult. Ask your artist which location is best for your tattoo and they can suggest different areas that would work.


The finances associated with getting a tattoo are important to consider as well. Our minimum shop charge is $80 plus tax and $150 an hour. In the consultation the artist will give you a quote for your tattoo, and if you have a budget you want to work under they can usually accommodate it within reason with some variations to the design. If you’re ready to book after your consult, we require a deposit to hold your spot. This is non-refundable but it comes off the price of your tattoo when you’re all done, so it’s not an additional fee. If you need to reschedule your appointment we require at least 48 hours notice and not showing for your appointment will forfeit your deposit.


Tattoo Preparation


Alright, you’ve completed your consultation and booked your tattoo. Great! However, further preparation is needed before going under the needle, er, needles.


Getting a good sleep the night before is a great start. Being well rested will assist with pain management and will keep your head in the game. Make sure you eat a good meal too - being full will also make it less painful and helps prevent lightheadedness.


This may sound obvious but we will not tattoo you if you are intoxicated. Alcohol thins the blood, causing wounds to bleed more and clot less which makes tattooing a nightmare. Save the drinking for afterwards!


Release Form


Every time you get a tattoo with Perfect Image, a release waiver needs to be completed. Give this form a good read as it covers important health and liability information. It’s also a great chance to ask your artist any further questions before getting into the tattoo chair.


The Stencil


Your artist will already have a stencil of your design ready when you come in, and if you come as a walk-in they will spend a few minutes to draw it up for you. It will be placed where you want the tattoo to go and can be adjusted until you’re satisfied with the position.


Getting Tattooed


“How much will it hurt?” is a question we hear all the time and the answer is different for everyone. Females tend to have a higher pain tolerance but don’t let that stop you guys! Many say that getting tattooed is akin to cat scratches or having a sunburn. For the most part the pain is very manageable and you’ll find that after a while your body will get used to the sensation. Some people even enjoy it!


For large pieces, you may be worked on for hours at a time. This means preparing to sit still and be calm even while uncomfortable. Know that the artist will appreciate your diligence; it’s much easier to tattoo a non-moving canvas! Understand that the pain will be worth it in the end and you’ll walk away with an amazing new piece of body art.


Feel free to chat with your tattooer while in session. Casual conversation will help you relax and take your mind off the pain. If you’re not much of a talker, bring your headphones and listen to music if you like. Some people bring books or even watch a movie on their phone while getting tattooed. Anything you need to be comfortable.


Wrapping Up


After you’re done, the artist will wrap the tattoo in a bandage and go over the aftercare process with you. Each artist might have a slightly different method but it’s very important that you follow their advice when it comes to taking care of your new art. Keep it out of direct sunlight, avoid touching it unless to clean, and stay out of hot tubs, pools, and oceans/lakes for at least three weeks. This will keep it looking healthy and vivid for years to come, and we have a variety of aftercare products to ensure it stays that way.


If you’re thinking of booking your next tattoo with Perfect Image, contact us whenever is convenient for you. Our Facebook and Instagram pages are full of previously done work and projects in progress, giving you endless inspiration. We’d love to set you up with one of our talented artists!

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Brantford, we're coming to you!



Keep an eye out for the newest Pi location in beautiful downtown Brantford! 


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Social Media Manager Wanted

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Tattoo Healing and Aging

There are always going to be trends in tattooing, like anything. 

In recent years ther have been a ton of new trends and everyone wants in on them! But what do we know about how these tattoos will look over the years? I came across this great article that talks about all sorts of tattoo styles and trends, and how they heal and age. 

Click HERE to read the full article.





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What's up 2018?

2017 is gone.

In the blink of an eye the year flew past and while it was inasnely busy it was an amazing year for Perfect Image!

Here's is one of the NEW things coming into 2018 with us! 

The NoPull Piercing Disk™



When worn for scarring (the dreaded piercing bump), NoPull Piercing Disc™ has proven, in the majority of cases, to smooth out and even heal this condition safely, quickly, without discomfort, and without anxiety!  The NoPull Piercing Disc™ is worn for (approximately) 2 - 4 weeks. When worn properly, the Disc can provide dramatic results." 

This aweome and affordable little silicone disk is available at all Perfect Image locations, stop by and ask your piercer about it today!


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If you are in Banff, you're going to want to check this out!


The awesome people of Earl's and our dude Daniel Fowler have teamed up for a sweet giveaway!

"Great news Banff/Calgary residents and visitors...

If you spend 30 dollars or more at EARLS here in Banff Alberta during the month of February

your name will go on a ballot for a chance to win a $500.00 tattoo session!! 
Pop by the bar for a few drinks or treat yourself to a tasty meal to win!"


— Daniel Fowler at Perfect Image Banff. 


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After Inked wants you to have THE BEST heal!

So, After Inked... Anyone used it?

Feedback? Feelings? Questions?

Lay 'em on me. 


Never tried it? NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! 




We have teamed up with After Inked to provide you with the following information on why you should be using After Inked,

but just in case you don't believe me  and need to try it yourself,

swing by and get your FREE sample courtesy of After Inked. 

*Samples are limited.


Reasons you should be using After Inked...


1. Gonna lay on the science right off the hop; It's water based. So are you. So there's that. 


2. Because it's water based it absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving it moisturized but able to breathe.


3. It's not greasy or sticky so it doesn't't stick to your clothes, or the sheets, or cats, or the crumbs from when you ate PopTarts in bed. It doesn't't, I know first hand. 


4. AFTER INKED IS CRUELTY FREE! <3 It's clinically/dermatologist tested, just not on cute things that I want as pets


5. It's made for healing tattoos! That's it's freaking job. This stuff isn't some secret wives tale that only your mom knows about, it's made specifically for healing and maintaining the look of your tattoos


6. It's safe for all skin types. This stuff is all natural, totally vegan, and gluten free.  Here are the ingredients and what they do: 


Aqua (Water): Purified water used as a “spreading agent” that helps to distribute the other ingredients evenly over the skin.

Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil: Contains vitamins E, C & Beta Carotene. It’s a very potent antioxidant.

Glycerin (veg): Natural humectant and emollient. Conditions & moisturizes the skin and it can be used on even the most sensitive skin.

Stearic Acid (veg): Adds lubricity to the skin making it smoother.

Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter): Provides improvement to dry skin.

Synthetic Beeswax: Emulsifier & nourishing to skin. Alternative to animal-derived beeswax obtained from the honeycomb of virgin bees; respects lifestyle choices (Vegan).

Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil: Helps to improve dry skin.

Cetyl Alcohol (veg): Natural fatty alcohol used as an emollient and stabilizing agent. It’s Halal.

Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Oil: Rich in vitamins A & C. Fresh tangy smell. Natural alternative to fragrance.

Benzyl Alcohol & Dehydroacetic Acid: Preservative; natural alternative to parabens.



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Daith Piercings And Migraines


There has been a lot of talk about the daith piercing lately. Naturally, we are intrigued.

Can a daith piercing help relieve migraine symptoms?


We have a had a few people asking about whether there is truth to this or not and while some are inclined to say it's rubbish, we are keeping a close eye on this one. 

So far what we know is that there are quite a few people that claim to have experienced relief from chronic migraines after getting their daith pierced. In some cases, where the individual was experiencing debilitating migraines daily, they now only get them every few weeks and believe it to be as a result of the piercing.

The daith is that last little fold before your ear hole. (Pictured above) Some medical professionals have suggested that the possibility of the piercing helping with migraines could likely to work similar to the way acupuncture can for headaches. The principle is that the piercing mimics acupuncture by hitting a pressure point, which relieves the pressure in the patient’s head.

While that sounds plausable,it is important to know that there is no medical evidence to prove that it is effective. At this point there's a lot of suggestions and testaments but there have been no official studies or research to back them up. Dr Fayyaz Ahmed, a neurologist and trustee of the charity The Migraine Trust, said there is no evidence that daith piercing work to help migraines.The benefits of acupuncture for the affliction are based on small studies, he added.'There is no evidence for such treatment." Read full article here.


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Eliminating Stereotypes

First off, let me preface this by saying that I am fully aware that times are definitely changing, I know that. But there are still far too many people with pre-conceived ideas of what tattoo artists and tattooed people are all about so I just want to go on a quick rant about it. 


About a year ago, a very kind, older gentleman came into the shop with some questions about getting tattooed. He clearly had no real issues with tattoos or people with tattoos but he said something that resonated with me. At the end of our conversation he said, "You know, you're a really sweet girl. Looking at you I would have thought you to be hard or rough around the edges, but you're not." I thanked him and we had a laugh and he left, and while I appreciated the kind words I was a little worried that that is how people see me. Hard? Rough around the edges? Kind of bummed me out. 


He was an older gent, he grew up in a different time, I understand that but then I started noticing things that younger clients would often talk about while getting tattooed. Drinking, drugs, jail, fights, gangs, all things that, in the context of the conversation, came across as them trying to relate with their artist. "Man, do you know where I can get some gross shitty drugs?" or "Do you guys all hang out and get hammered together?" or (and I wish this was a joke) "Have you ever been to jail?" WHO ASKS SOMEONE THAT?


Here's a thought... maybe your tattoo artist is a dad with 3 beautiful kids being raised in a healthy home, with a caring wife and no criminal record. Maybe that girl at the counter does an imperial shit load of charity work in her free time. Maybe that artist with the motorcycle just likes to ride his motorcycle and go camping and spend time with his family. Is that so far fetched? 


Again, I know it's changing and I know there is more tattoo acceptance, but it seems there is still a stigma that goes along with having tattoos and it's dreadful. Neck tattoos don't imply jail time, hand tattoos do not mean drug dealer, and being completely covered from head to toe in tattoos in no way means the person under it all is "hard" or "rough around the edges". 



So please, remember what your mother told you and don't judge a book by its very decorated, often misunderstood cover.


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Piercing Etiquette

Piercing Etiquette... 


A lot of these are very similar to my blog post on "Tattoo Etiquette" but a little refresher never hurt. For your sake and ours, here are some things that will make your experience easier. Enjoy!



Okay, so first thing; LISTEN TO YOUR PIERCER; they know what's up. There are very few things that are more frustrating than being told how to do your job, as I'm sure we can all agree. I know, you are making a modification to your body and you want it to be a certain way but they are professionals and they know what they are talking about. You have to be willing to accept that some things cannot be done the way you like, or at all, and that is only ever for your own good. 


Before you come in EAT SOMETHING. Story time! One time when I was getting pierced after a long day, having only had one glorious slice of left over pizza for breakfast, and I became so nauseated and faint that within 30 seconds of standing up the room was closing in and it sounded like I was under water. I B-lined for the restroom and threw myself in front of the toilet thinking I was about to vomit and I fainted face first on the floor. Moral of the story: EAT. You need your blood sugar to be at a reasonable level. 


Speaking of toilets... PEE FIRST. Just in case. I wont bore you with the time I peed my pants because I fainted. Feel free to read about it in our tattoo etiquette blog here. and please, if you are a fainter, let your piercer know before hand.

GOOD HYGIENE. I know most of you are probably surprised that it even needs to be said but it does. Your piercer is going to be all up in your personal bubble and they really don’t enjoy nasty dragon breath swirling around in their face like poison. So do us a favor and make sure you have nice breath and fresh armpits and such. 


DO NOT SHOW UP DRUNK OR HUNGOVER. We will not pierce you. Again, that is for your own good, your blood thins with alcohol and we can’t have you bleeding out. No bueno. 


YOU CAN BRING A FRIEND. If you are nervous and want a friend to come in with you that's cool, we want you to be comfortable. We would just rather you not bring your whole entire squad, too many people can be distracting for the piercer. Bring a friend for support but just one friend. 


ASK YOUR PIERCER IF PICTURES ARE COOL. Usually, they don’t mind but it's just polite to ask. They'll let you know what's okay and what's not. Obviously you can’t get in the way and I'm sure no one is trying to but sometimes you really just don’t realize it. They'll let you know where you can and cant be.


This one is important- SIT STILL. Don't grab your piercer’s hand or pull away or fidget or kick your legs or flail your arms, or anything else that could cause your piercer to lose control of the needle. Two things to remember- if you are all shifty it makes it very difficult to make a well placed hole. Also, and this one is very important, if you move you could cause your piercer to stick them self after piercing you. A needle stick is incredibly serious. Consider this; How scared would you be if you were accidentally poked with a needle that had just been inside a stranger? Please, SIT STILL. 


PAY ATTENTION TO AFTERCARE INSTRUCTIONS. Seriously. We know you just got pierced and you're all jacked up on adrenaline and it's exciting but please try and focus on what they are telling you to do take care of your piercing. They want you to have a successful heal just as much as you do and they know how to make that happen, so pay attention and do as they say. 


TIPPING, like with tattoos, is appreciated. It's not an expectation, but it really just shows them that you are happy with their service and that you appreciate their work. 


MINORS. The truth is, piercers don't have to do anything they aren’t comfortable with. Some piercers have no problem doing kids ear lobes; others don't do it for a number of reasons. Kids are unpredictable little creatures and the last thing a piercer wants is some poor little darling whaling like a banshee after one ear lobe and too scared to do the other. So it's up to the piercer and they are never going to be forced to do something they aren't okay with. In some situations, like navel, they just know that the chances of a successful heal on someone that is still growing is near impossible. There are a million scenarios and reasons why a piercer will or will not do something on a minor and that is their choice to make. It's not personal; it's usually for your own good. 

Piercings should be a fun and safe experience and if you follow that advice, (wherever you go to get pierced) that is exactly what you should get. 

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