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The healing of your piercing is going to depend almost entirely on how you take care of it. Each Perfect Image location provides an aftercare package that contains everything you need for a successful healing with products that we know work.


This is a mild, unscented soap that is gentle enough to clean your new piercing without drying out the skin. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before you clean your piercing. Using a small amount of Cetaphil™ on your finger, gently massage around your new piercing for 30 seconds and then rinse well. This can be done twice a day if needed.


H2Ocean Purified Salt Water Spray™
H2Ocean Spray is a natural, pH balanced salt water solution that is a combination of sea salt and lysozyme that promotes shorter healing times and prevents common issues that can occur with piercings. The solution should be sprayed directly on your piercing and left to air dry. Do not rub in or wipe off. It can be used 3-6 times per day.


H2Ocean Mouthwash
This mouthwash is and oral rinse that should be used after you eat anything, smoke anything, or drink anything other than water. This salt water rinse is combined with natural enzymes that promote healing.


Dr Piercing’s Aftercare™ and Hole-Istic Care™
These cotton swabs are filled with salt water solution that is released when the seal is broken. Simply snap at the blue line and let the fluid drain to one end and then apply to your piercing. This should be done twice a day for the first week and once a day following that. Dr. Piercing’s Aftercare is also available in an all-natural formula (Hole-Istic Care™) that promotes healthy healing without the medical ingredient Benzalkonium Chloride.

In addition to using the right products to clean your piercing, there are things you should also avoid. Your body is already trying to heal around a foreign object, it’s important that you take necessary precautions to make that easier.


Don’t Touch!
It’s absolutely vital that you do not pick at or play with your piercing while it is healing. You should only touch your piercing when you are cleaning it and you should have clean hands washed with an anti-bacterial soap before you clean your piercing.


Swimming pools, lakes and hot tubs.
Avoid swimming while your piercing is healing. Chlorine pools, chlorine hot tubs, salt water pools, and salt water hot tubs will dry out your piercing and prolong healing. Lakes and oceans contain bacteria that can cause infection.


Try and keep your new piercing safe from getting hit, bumped, smacked or squished. Even the smallest trauma can prolong healing or cause it to reject. Sports, working out, heavy kissing, sleeping on your piercing, are all things that can prolong healing or cause your new piercing to reject and should be avoided while your piercing is healing.


Oral Care
While your oral piercing is healing it is important that you avoid fresh baked bread, red wine and beer; all which contain yeast that can cause thrush, a type of yeast infection. It is also important that you avoid hard kissing and oral sex. This can cause trauma to your piercing that will prolong healing.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call your local Perfect Image location and speak with the staff or just stop by any time and we'll be sure to help you out.


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